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Going off to college is life-changing with all new surroundings and experiences. It all seems scary enough without having to worry about finances. The Capital One Journey Student credit card is a sensible solution for students who feel they need some financial backing on this journey.

Most students going off to college have a limited or non-existent line of credit. The Journey Student card by Capital One is reasonably easy to obtain, even without any established credit. By offering a low credit limit, Capital One works with students to be responsible and use this opportunity to build credit, not destroy it.

Capital One reports to all three national credit bureaus to help college students establish a respectable credit score. Additionally, students don’t even have to use the card to build credit. However, if they do use the card, this is not one to carry a balance. The high purchase APR at 26.99% variable strongly suggests charging only what is needed and paying it off on time every month.

Capital One is serious about helping students establish good credit. Each month the bill is paid on time, cardholders will receive a 25% cash back bonus. Now that’s quite an incentive to use the Journey Student card responsibly.


One of the best features of the Capital One Journey Student credit card is the rewards program. Capital One keeps it simple by offering a straight 1% cash back on all purchases. An additional 25% cash back is added each month the bill is paid on time.

Journey Student card rewards are unlimited and never expire. Redeeming rewards is easy through the mobile app or online. Card owners can choose from statement credit, gift cards, and more.

Safety Features and Benefits

The safety features and benefits with the Capital One Journey Student credit card are impressive for a starter card. The best way to review these features is a descriptive list:

If you lose your card or if it's stolen, Journey Student cardholders have 24-hour travel assistance services. This service will replace your card with an emergency card or provide a cash advance.

Cardholders have a $0 fraud liability. So, if your card is stolen or lost, Capital One will not charge you for purchases you did not make.

Capital One Journey Student owners have access to Card-Lock in the mobile app. If your card is stolen or lost, you can lock it so no one can make fraudulent charges.

Cardholders can receive a text, a call, or an e-mail if suspicious activity is detected on their card. Card monitoring catches such activity as double charges and possible fraud.

Capital One Journey Student cardholders have access to Eno. Eno is a service that provides virtual card numbers to protect actual card numbers when ordering online or over the phone.

Card owners will also receive rental car insurance coverage for damage or theft on eligible vehicles. Pay for the rental on your card and waive the coverage offered by the rental company. People planning to use the rental car insurance benefit should carefully research the limitations and restrictions on the Capital One website.

If you use your Capital One Journey Student card to purchase your airfare, you receive automatic loss insurance for baggage and other items.

Keeping track of your credit score is made easy with this card. As a cardholder, you will receive CreditWise, a credit alert system. You’ll get alerts when your TransUnion or Experian credit report changes. CreditWise will scan the dark web for your SSN# and send an alert if there is a problem.

More About Credit Wise

Credit Wise is listed above as a safety feature for the Journey Student card, but it deserves a closer look. There’s nothing more important than establishing a good line of credit from the onset. Credit Wise is a fabulous tool that helps college students, or anyone, monitor their credit.

Credit Wise is a free credit monitoring tool for everyone, even people who don’t own a Capital One card. And the best news is it won’t hurt your credit score.

Credit Wise is continually tracking the Dark Web and sends automatic alerts if fraud is suspected.

Credit Wise gives you access to a simulator that can explore the potential impact of financial decisions before you make them.

Security is paramount with Credit Wise. They secure your data with 256-bit encrypted Transport Layer Security.

Cardholders can easily set up a Credit Wise account through the Capital One website.

Anyone 18 and over with a valid SSN that can be matched to a credit profile from TransUnion Credit Bureau is eligible for Credit Wise.

More About Eno

As mentioned above, Eno is another security measure provided by Capital One for Journey Student cardholders. Let’s take a better look at the specifics of Eno.

Eno sends notifications when unusual charges are detected.

If you signed up for a free trial, Eno sends a notification so you won't get charged an automatic sign-up fee.

Eno provides virtual card numbers for added protection when shopping online.

With Eno, Journey Student cardholders have access to 24/7 customer service.

Eno is a cross-device app, so you have access whenever, wherever.

Mobile App Capabilities

College students, probably more than anyone, are on their phones for everything. Having a stellar mobile app is one feature Capital One has covered. The following a list of app capabilities Journey Student card owners can access when needed:

Instant purchase notification

Card Lock

Bill paying

Access to Credit Wise

Check deposit with photo

Access to rewards information

Access to statements

View transactions

Zello - mobile money transfer

Customize notifications and alerts

View activity in real time

Travel Benefits

Often college students study abroad or travel for spring break, and the Capital One Journey Student Card is a reliable companion. With no foreign transaction fee, students can make purchases without additional costs. Some purchases might qualify for a free extended warranty, as well.

Cardholders will also have accident insurance if they pay the total airfare with their Journey Student card. This insurance covers lost or damaged items at no extra cost.

Journey Student cardholders also have access to roadside assistance and 24-hour travel assistance services. Car rental insurance is included for theft and collision if the entire cost is charged to the Journey Student card and other insurance offers are waived.

Other Great Features To Love About This Card

There’s so much to love about this credit card. Capital One has done everything right when it comes to establishing a student card. The rewards program and the incentive cash back for paying on time is an excellent attempt at setting good spending habits from the beginning.

The punishing purchase APR, in this case, is a positive that can either prevent carrying a balance or teach a lesson if you do. Additionally, by paying your first five bills on time, you are eligible for a higher credit limit, which positively affects your credit score.

Let’s take another look at some of the best features the Journey Student card has to offer:

Visa world-wide acceptance

$0 annual fee

Automatic credit line reviews in as little as six months

Credit Wise tool for monitoring credit

Credit build for free without even using the card

25% cash back bonus each month you pay your bill on time

Unlimited rewards that do not expire

Available with limited or zero credit history

Stellar mobile app capabilities

Let’s Review

Going off to college is an exciting time. Most students and their parents agree that having a credit card like the Capital One Journey Student card is a smart move. When used responsibly, this card is capable of earning cash back. More importantly, it can help establish a healthy line of credit. Capital One has taken the worry out of going off to college. No doubt, the Journey Student credit card is a sensible solution for students.

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