CFPB Seeks Public Input on Credit Cards

CFPB Wants Help

Have complaints--or kudos--about how well your credit cards actually work for you? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) wants to hear from you to help it compile its latest credit card review.

The CFPB, the government agency that looks out for consumers' int...

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American Express Updates Platinum Card

Amex Platinum Benefits

Will credits for Uber rides be a tempting enough reward for consumers to sign up for a new credit card? American Express hopes so. The credit card has recently announced it's updating the rewards--and fees--associated with it Platinum Card.

Beginning March 30, America...

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CFPB Looks to Expand Credit Access

Expand Credit Access

As the old saying goes, it takes money to make money. In personal finance, sometimes you need to borrow money in order to make an investment that can reap a larger reward. This can be having the ability to buy a computer that can help you further your education or get cer...

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Outstanding Card Debt Hits $1 Trillion

Debt Hits 1 Trillion

In the cult classic "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery," the villain Dr. Evil learns a thing or two about the changing value of money. When he demands a ransom of one million dollars, his Number 2 quietly informs him that that's not that much money in today's do...

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Say Good-Bye to Coin

Coin Shuts Down

Not quite two years after it shipped its first batch of product, Coin, the technology company that made a big splash by providing a credit card consolidation tool to make your wallet slimmer, is calling it quits.

Coin launched in November 2013, and after months of dela...

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Valentine's Day Deals for Your Sweetie

Valentine's Day Deals for Your Sweetie

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and whether you'd like to get a gift for that special someone in your life, celebrate the love of friendship or treat yourself, that means you're opening your wallet. According to Bing, last year people spent a record $19.7 billi...

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Card Account Openings Reflect Stronger Economy

Stronger Economy

A stronger economy means more consumer confidence, and the American Bankers Association's latest Credit Card Market Monitor report reflects this concept, as it found that more consumers are interested in having and using plastic as a form of payment.

Last August, we h...

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Data Breach Record Trounced

Data Breach Record Trounced

Identity theft can be completely ruinous. Thieves who get your information can open credit cards and mortgages in your name. In some cases, they drain your bank account or charge their medical bills to you. The consequences can be dire in terms of suddenly thinking you're...

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Amazon Prime Now Has an Exclusive Credit Card

Amazon Prime Credit Card

Membership often has its rewards, and Amazon hopes that its new Visa card will entice people to sign up for its Amazon Prime service. Now members of Amazon Prime can now apply for a new Amazon Visa card that's just for them--and offers rewards of its own.

This week, Am...

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Your Information Hacked in Just Six Seconds

Personal Information Hacked

For many people, shopping online takes the hassle out of going to the store. There's no traffic, no crowds, no lines--you can sit at home in your pajamas and shop in comfort.

However, as more people shop online and credit card technology improves, credit card thieves ...

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Credit Card Technology May Combat Online Fraud

Combat Fraud

A few weeks ago, this space ran an article about a data breach at Madison Square Garden that may have affected credit card holders whose cards only have magnetic stripes. If these cards had had EMV chips, the likelihood of their card information being stolen and potential...

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Holiday Shopping: Cash, Credit, or Debit?

Thanksgiving Holiday Shopping

Before you can get your Thanksgiving turkey on the table, your mailbox and inbox are filled with holiday shopping catalogs and offers. Whether you've already crossed everyone off your list or you're waiting to shop until it's actually Black Friday, you should be thinking ...

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Wells Fargo Struggles to Rebuild its Image

Rebuilding Image

It's been a rough couple of months for the leadership at Wells Fargo, ever since the scandal broke that some of the company's employees had been opening different types of accounts--including credit card accounts--for customers without their permission. This issue with We...

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LifeLock Debuts New Credit Card Management App

Lifelock App

Identity theft protection company LifeLock has just released a mobile app that can help consumers manage all of their credit card accounts in one place.

Called Identity, the company bills it as a "personal assistant" to help you manage your online accounts through your...

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New Credit Card Acts Like a Debit Card

Zero Financial

Debit cards are a popular payment option because they allow people to manage their finances and budget within their means. Credit cards are popular because they can help consumers buy big-ticket items, and many of them come with rewards programs. Although banks may offer ...

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Green Dot Enters Credit Card Market

Green Dot Bank

Green Dot Corporation, better known for its prepaid debit cards, has launched a Visa secured credit card that's designed to help consumers who have little to no credit history, or who have low credit scores, the opportunity to build their credit while having the benefits ...

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Amex Wins Appeal in Merchant Preference Case

Amex Wins Case

American Express scored a big victory this week, as it won an appeal around whether merchants can guide customers into using other types of credit cards.

The case first started in 2010 when the U.S. Justice Department and 17 states sued American Express, Visa and Mast...

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Chase Dives into Luxury Card Market

Chase Dives In

When you have fine tastes and an income to match, it's likely that you'll want a luxury credit card for your handcrafted Italian leather wallet. Several luxury cards exist, but Chase Card Services has just launched another card to tempt consumers who are willing to pay $4...

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American Express Has Summer of Special Offers

Summer Special Offers

This summer, American Express has announced several special offers for its cardholders. The company is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Membership Rewards program; it's partnered with online warehouse retailer Boxed; and it's offering special travel rewards for new...

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Discover Repeats as Most Satisfying Card

Discover Repeats

For the third year in a row, J.D. Power has named Discover as the best in credit card customer satisfaction, narrowly beating out former stalwart American Express.

"This recognition by J.D. Power for the third consecutive year inspires us because it comes from our card...

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Visa Tests Wearable Payments at Olympics

Olympics Wearable Payments

While all eyes are on Rio de Janeiro this August to watch the best athletes in the world compete at the Olympic Games, Visa is also debuting some new payment technologies to showcase what the credit card company has on tap in terms of wearable payments.

Visa is a TOP (...

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Consumers Spending More on Credit Cards

Spending Up

Although the country's economic growth has been weak, the credit card market has seen healthy growth in the first quarter of the year, according to a new report released by the American Bankers Association this month, and signs point to consumer spending and a better labo...

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New Cards Coming to a Store Near You

New Retail Cards

Over the last few months, several retailers have opted to create their own credit cards. These store cards, also called retail or private label credit cards, are options that can only be used at one particular store. These cards can also be incorporated with store loyalty...

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As Millennials Mature, They Want Credit Cards

Millenials Want Credit

Millennials have become the darlings of marketers, now making up the largest population group in the country. Because it's so large and is now in prime spending years, this generation will also affect the economy with how Millennials spend their money.

FICO recently re...

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Ally Bank Issues First Credit Card

Ally Cash Rewards

Ally Bank, an Internet-only banking institution, has launched its first credit card, a cash back rewards Visa card.

Cardholders can earn cash back on all eligible purchases they make with the card. Gas and grocery purchases earn two percent cash back. All other purchas...

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New Stonegate Card Issued for Use in Cuba

Stonegate Cuba Card

A Florida bank has become the first bank in the United States to issue a credit card that will work in Cuba. Stonegate Bank, headquartered in Pompano Beach, has announced its new MasterCard that will allow American travelers to use a credit card in Cuba.

This is a big ...

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New Digital Wallet Aims to Best Mobile Wallets


While traditional credit card companies are slowly converting to new chip technology and mobile wallets like Android Pay and Apple Pay are slowly gaining traction at retailers, digital card consolidation products are still popping up to help you manage the physical clutte...

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Discover Opens Free Credit Scores to All

Discover Free Scores

Discover, who was one of the first credit card companies to offer free credit scores to its cardholders, is now offering that service to all U.S. consumers, regardless of whether they have a Discover card.

"Credit scores play an important role in many of life's big mo...

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Senator Durbin Takes on EMV

Dick Durbin EMV

Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois is a name associated with the financial services industry due to the Durbin Amendment, which was an add-on to the 2010 Dodd-Frank legislation to institute financial reform in America. Durbin's amendment limited the amount banks could char...

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New MasterCard Gives Marvel Fans Super Powers

Marvel MasterCard

MasterCard has tapped into the popularity of comic book heroes by teaming with Synchrony Financial and Marvel Partnerships to offer its take on the trend: a Marvel MasterCard credit card that offers cashback rewards and Marvel-related cardholder benefits.

"The Marvel M...

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Report: Consumers Using Credit Cards More

Consumers Using Cards More

When consumers aren't afraid to spend and the job market is good, credit card usage tends to rise. The American Bankers Association found that that's the case in a steady year-over-year increase during the fourth quarter of 2015, as the association reports in its latest C...

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Walmart Ups Ante with New Rewards Perks

Walmart Rewards

Earlier this month, Walmart, the world's largest retailer, announced it's changing the rewards on its Walmart Credit Card and Walmart MoneyCard credit card program, in what seems to be an effort to compete with other retailer card programs, particularly the new Costco Vis...

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Credit Cards Win Gold for Tools and Features

Credit Cards Win Gold

Earlier this year, Corporate Insight, a New York-based competitive intelligence and user experience research firm, released its fourteenth annual Credit Card Monitor Awards. These awards rate different banks in terms of their online and mobile car tools in a variety of ar...

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At Wells Fargo, New Card Rewards Program Goes Far

Wells Fargo Go Far

Being rewarded for using a credit card is a must for many American consumers--last year the American Bankers Association noted that a full 83 percent of credit card users have rewards-based credit cards, showing just how much cardholders like to be rewarded for spending m...

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JetBlue Drops New Barclaycard MasterCard Suite

New JetBlue Partner

Last year JetBlue dropped Amex, its ten-year credit card partner, and picked up a new friend in Barclaycard. This week, the two companies announced JetBlue's new line of credit cards that target both businesses and consumers as a way to earn JetBlue points and travel rewa...

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Get Smart About Credit this Week

Smart About Credit

This week is National Consumer Protection Week, an annual campaign that's designed to highlight financial topics, inform consumers about their rights and promote tools that help people make better-informed decisions.

Sponsored by the Federal Trade Commission, the even...

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MasterCard Launches Luxury Card Line

MasterCard Luxury Line

New chip technology? That's old news. If you're looking for the latest and greatest in state of the art credit cards, look no further than the new Luxury Card. Developed by MasterCard, this new portfolio of luxury credit cards, you can now hold a card that's designed to g...

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Love and Money on Valentine's Day

Love And Money

Do love and money mix? Or should they mix? This year, as couples look forward to Valentine's Day, new survey results suggest that couples prefer fun as opposed to talking about money--an attitude that could cause big surprises as things get serious.

This year, Discover...

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New Cards and MasterPass Partner Hit the Market

New Cards MasterPass

If your wallet can hold more plastic, you've got more credit card options, as retailer Wawa has launched a new private label store credit card and Wells Fargo has added another American Express option to its line of American Express Propel cards. Or if you prefer to pay d...

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CFPB Warns About Risky Credit Card Practices

CFPB Risky Practices

Last week we started looking at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB) biennial report on consumer credit cards and the gains that consumers have made since the CARD Act was signed into law, including saving billions of dollars on over-limit and late fees.


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Another Smart Watch Coming to Steal Cards' Thunder

Swatch Payments

Every week it seems like there's another product hitting the market that will allow you to use your credit card--without actually using your credit card. The Apple Pay, Android Pay, Coin, Samsung Pay, the Apple Watch, other wearables that double as payment devices…the lis...

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FitPay Wins Wearable Start Up Challenge

FitPay Wearables

Ten years ago, most of us never thought we'd be so connected to our phones, let alone be able to do so many things with them. Now we're entering a phase of emerging technology that will introduce many of us to the concept of wearables, clothing or devices that incorporate...

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Practice Safe Online Shopping this Holiday Season

Practice Safe Online Shopping

With Thanksgiving deals, Black Friday and Cyber Monday kicking off the holiday shopping season, it's not just prime time for using your credit card to spend money, it's also prime time for hackers to steal credit card data. Nobody wants the gift of identity theft this hol...

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Android Pay -- A User's Experience

Android Pay

With mobile payments being touted as the next great way to use your credit card, this week I decided to jump on the mobile payments bandwagon and see what life would be like paying with my phone.

Even though I could have used Google Wallet when I got my Android phone,...

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Navy FCU Upgrades Credit Card Rewards Program

Navy FCU

Rewards are a popular feature with credit card holders, which means credit card issuers try to make sure they're on top of the latest trends in rewards that maximize value for their cardholders. This month, Navy Federal Credit Union (Navy FCU) upgraded its rewards program...

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MasterCard Jumps into Wearables Market

MasterCard Jumps into Wearables Market

If you're buying something at a store and want to pay with credit, you're probably already quite used to pulling out a plastic credit card. MasterCard announced this week that it is launching a program to expand the types of objects consumers can use to pay with MasterCar...

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FBI Warns About Chip Cards

FBI Warns About Chip Cards

This fall, one of the big milestones for implementing EMV chip card technology passed with a lot of fanfare, but not a ton of implementation. Merchants have been slow to upgrade their terminals, and card issuers have been slow to send out chip cards. Now an FBI Public Ser...

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CFPB Proposes Arbitration Clause Ban

CFPB Proposes Arbitration Clause

When you got your last credit card, did you also sign away some of your rights? You may have, without even realizing it. Some credit card companies bury language within the fine print of their card agreements that doesn't allow cardholders to band together in class action...

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Credit Reports in a Jiffy

Credit Reports in a Jiffy

Personal finance experts advise getting copies of your credit report annually to make sure that it's accurate. You want to make sure that everything on your credit report is attached to you and not someone trying to steal your identity or that the credit bureaus haven't a...

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EMV Deadline Hits this Week

EMV Deadline

When you flip the calendar page to October this week, listen closely--you might hear those ominous, "BA BUM BAAAA" tones. Well, maybe you won't, but in the credit card industry, October 1 is a fairly ominous day, as it's one of the major deadlines in the road to transitio...

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A Slivver of Protection

Slivver Flu

We're heading into cold and flu season in the United States, which means that a lot of people take precautions to protect themselves from getting sick: Getting a flu shot, making sure not to touch people who are coughing, washing hands more often, being careful about what...

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Credit Cards Meet Biometrics


While the U.S. continues its shift from very outdated magnetic stripe technology to EMV technology, payments companies are already trialing what could be the next thing in payments: biometrics.

Both Visa and MasterCard are testing the waters with adding biometric eleme...

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Coin 2.0 Comes to Wallets

Coin Wallets

Coin, one of the many credit card consolidation devices on the market, has recently released Coin 2.0, which incorporates NFC technology and is EMV-Ready. This allows users to add EMV cards to their Coin and make contactless payments with it.

The Coin device touts the ...

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Discover Tops Card Satisfaction Rankings

Discover Number One

Discover has finally toppled American Express off the top of J.D. Power's annual U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study this year, making 2015 the first year Amex has not been the national leader in this prestigious survey.

2015 marks the ninth edition of J.D. Power's sur...

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New Star Trek Cards Are Out of This World

Star Trek Card

A little less than a year before the next installment in the Star Trek movie reboot series is released, NASA Federal Credit Union (NASA FCU) has launched a set of Star Trek Visa-branded rewards credit cards.

The cards come courtesy of a licensing agreement with CBS Co...

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Credit Card News Round Up

News Round Up

Now that summer is in full swing, many of the major credit card brands are pulling out the stops on special offers and deals to help their cardholders enjoy the summer even more. Here's a quick look at some of the programs they have on tap.

Discover Extends Double Cas...

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Oh, the Ways We Pay!

Ways We Pay

If you want to think about the evolution of payments, just think about what a cashier would ask you in the checkout line. If you remember far back enough, you'd be asked, "Cash or check?" That gave way to, "Cash, check or charge?" which then turned into "Cash or credit?" ...

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Discover Signs Deal to Expand Global Acceptance

Discover Global Acceptance

If Visa is everywhere you want to be and MasterCard offers priceless experiences around the globe, what does Discover, the third largest credit card network in the world offer? Now with a new deal, it will offer more acceptance worldwide for its Diners Club and Discover b...

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Summer Plus Vacation Equals Credit Card Debts

Summer Vacation Debt

For many people, the summer months mean it's time to tap into that bank of vacation days and spend some time relaxing in the warm weather. With the cost of travel a lot lower this year, the possibilities of hitting the road for a little R&R seem more feasible than ever be...

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House Bill Proposes Credit Card Debt Relief

Make Debt Disappear

Could it one day be legally possible to have basic credit card debt forgiven? If Rep. Scott Peters had the choice, the answer would be yes. Early last month, the congressman from the San Diego area introduced the Consumer Debt Forgiveness Tax Relief Act of 2015, which if ...

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Farmers Entices with a New Rewards Card

Farmers Rewards Card

"We are Farmers! Ba ba ba dum bump bum bum bum!" If you've heard Farmers' jingle before, you know how it goes and just how much of an earworm it can be. Farmers wants that though, and now they want you to hear it every time you open your wallet, as the company is launchin...

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New Credit Cards Primed for Summer Spending

Summer Spending

Several credit card issuers have launched new cards or special bonus offers for their existing cards, tempting consumers to add more credit to their wallets or earn larger rewards during the prime summer months.

TD Bank and TD Ameritrade have launched a new high reward...

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Discover It Card Promo Doubles Cash Back

Discover Double

Cash back rewards are one of the most popular types of credit card rewards, and Discover is upping the ante with a special summer two-month promotion tied to its Discover It card that offers double cash back rewards after the first year of holding the card.

This two-mo...

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Exclusive Card Hits Dallas

Valt Dallas

Last year we wrote about the Magnises card, an uber-exclusive black steel card for the New York City market. The Magnises card isn't a different credit card because it uses the data from one of your existing credit or debit cards, but the new card offers perks like access...

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Payments in the Future

Future Payments

As I write this week's article, I'm on my way home from Australia, where I've been for the past twelve days. While I was gone, I tended to joke that I was living in the future because I was 14 hours ahead of everyone at home, but when it came to buying anything and paying...

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Coin Universal Card Starts Shipping

Coin Is Shipping

After about two years and many delays, universal credit card Coin has started shipping its product to the nearly 350,000 early adopters who jumped at the opportunity to fund Coin's crowdfunding campaign to support the product.

Coin made a big splash when it launched--t...

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New American Express Card Gives You Plenti

Plenti Rewards Card

American Express has teamed up with Plenti, a loyalty coalition, to offer a new cobranded credit card that allows cardholders to earn Plenti rewards points. Members of the Plenti rewards program can use these points at a variety of retailers around the U.S.

The America...

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Pay the Taxman or Your Credit Could Suffer

Taxes And Credit Scores

April 15 can put fear into a lot of people, as that's the day that taxes are due. If you're one of the lucky ones who get a refund, the only thing you need to worry about is making sure your tax return is filed on time. If you owe the IRS money, it's not a particularly gr...

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Could Dynamic CVV Be the Card of the Future?

Dynamic CVV

The CVV code may be better known as "that three-digit number on the back of your credit card." CVV stands for Card Verification Value, and this system, which is either a three-digit number on the back of your card, or, in the case of American Express, a four-digit number ...

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Samsung to Battle Apple Pay

Samsung Apple Pay Battle

Mobile payments have been "the next big thing" for many years, but actually getting Americans to use their phones as a payment device has been a different story. Apple Pay made a big splash last fall when it was introduced in Apple's new iPhone 6 as a way to load credit c...

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Don't Forget Your Annual Credit Check

Annual Credit Check

Perhaps you're celebrating National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) with a big slice of cake or making a special NCPW sandwich, but hopefully you're also learning about different ways to protect yourself financially. For credit cards, one of the best ways to protect yours...

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National Consumer Protection Week Seeks to Inform

Consumer Protection Week

Did you know that as a consumer you have rights when it comes to a lot of products you interact with? If you didn't, then next week is your week to learn. March 1-7 has been designated National Consumer Protection Week, a national effort to educate people about the rights...

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Anonymous Purchases? Think Again

Connect The Dots

Data breaches and stolen credit cards are a couple of the ways people experience identity theft, and keeping personal information private is a key part of securing them. However, our personal information isn't the only thing that can identify us, according to a study by r...

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Data Breaches Set Record in 2014

Data Breach Record

Last year--and yes, it was only just over a month ago--didn't it seem like every week there was yet another report of a data breach or a store or company that had its information hacked? That's probably because there was. The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) found th...

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New Credit Card Fights Global Climate Change

Fight Climate Change

Modernization has changed the effect that humans have had on the earth, and the increase in greenhouse gases in Earth's atmosphere mainly due to burning gasoline and other fossil fuels for energy, deforestation, industrial production, and other practices have led to an in...

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Will 2015 Bring You a Priceless Surprise?

Priceless Surprises

MasterCard is continuing its Priceless promotional program, and this year's it's teamed up with entertainer Gwen Stefani to bring surprise into MasterCard users lives.

This year the program is called Priceless Surprises, and instead of previous iterations of the progra...

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Wells Fargo Announces ATM Reward Redemption

ATM Rewards Redemption

Rewards are nice, which is a big reason why rewards credit cards are so popular. However, being able to redeem those rewards easily is also a key to whether or not you'll use the card often--or often enough to make the rewards worthwhile.

Now Wells Fargo has simplifie...

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Colleges Marketing Fewer Credit Cards

Marketing Agreements

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) has released its annual report on marketing credit cards at colleges and universities, and it shows that the number of credit card agreements between schools and financial institutions continues to decline. However, the inform...

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Citi Sees Double with New Cash Back Card


Citi's turning up the pressure on the competition with its latest cash back card, offering cash back not just at the time of purchase, but also when you pay it off.

Citi's new Double Cash Card gives one percent cash back on all eligible transactions--what you spend on ...

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Looking Toward a Fraud-proof Credit Card

Fraud Proof

Today's credit card news is full of stories about the migration from magnetic stripe technology to EMV chip technology, and how that will make credit cards less susceptible to fraud. That's very true--a Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Working Paper noted that when credit ...

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Will You Pay with Mobile this Holiday Season

Holiday Mobile Payments

The holiday shopping season is underway as retailers have been touting Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for weeks in an effort to lure customers to their stores or websites. In years past, shoppers paid with cash. As credit cards became more proliferate, they became th...

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Credit Card Late Fees

Credit Card Late Fees

Credit card late fees can feel like a slap in the face. Not only are these fees expensive, but cardholders who happen to pay late will also incur more interest charges and may even have a higher penalty interest rate imposed.

Thankfully, there are many strategies that ...

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Paying from the Heart

Paying With Heartbeat

Authenticating payments has been a big issue in combatting credit card fraud. Having a credit card in hand and perhaps even showing a photo ID doesn't necessarily mean that the person whose in possession of the card is the owner of the card. As the future trends toward mo...

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Airport Lounge Access From Credit Cards

Airport Lounge Access

As the weather turns nasty this winter, travelers will often find themselves trapped in monotonous airport concourses, waiting for flight out. And even in the best of circumstances, travelers need an oasis from the crowded food courts and overpriced shops that litter toda...

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Stratos Card Could Be Game Changer


We're continuing our series on consolidated credit cards. These are cards that you can load most, if not all of the cards in your wallet onto in order to make your wallet a little slimmer, provide ease of payment and make it more difficult for thieves to steal one of your...

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Prepaid Cards are Inferior to Credit Cards

Inferior Versus Superior

In the payment industry, there is nothing hotter than the trend towards prepaid debit cards. Major companies issue them, the Millennial generation uses them, and celebrities endorse them, but how do their features and benefits stack up against standard credit cards?


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Getting Elite Status When You Travel

Elite Status

Navigating our modern travel system is all about managing the indignities you must face. Will you have to arrive two hours early to wait in a line to check your bags, go through security, and board the plane? Will you be asked to pay fees for your bags, for a better seat,...

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Final Wants the Final Word on Cards

Final Card

We're continuing our series on credit card consolidators, but the subject of this week's article might be considered just the opposite. Many of the card consolidation products on or coming to the market promote the idea of putting all of your cards onto one device in orde...

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The Significance Of Swipe Fees

Swipe Fees

When you think about it, credit cards are a beautiful system. Cardholders are assured a secure and convenient transaction, and merchants don't have to worry about their customer's credit. And when customers use a card with no annual fee, and pay each month's statement bal...

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Diners Club Returns To The US Market

Diners Club Returns

Diners Club is one of the oldest names in the credit card business, having offered the world's first multipurpose charge card in 1950. Nevertheless, it has not offered its card to new applicants in the United States over the last five years as the brand has changed owners...

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Benefits Offered By Payment Networks

Payment Network Benefits

Credit card issuers love to tout the rewards and benefits offered by their cards. Some cards offer valuable points, miles, or cash back rewards, while others feature perks with specific retailers or travel providers. But there is a lesser known set of benefits that is not...

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Creating A Reward Credit Card Portfolio

Reward Card Portfolio

Those who are not carrying a balance on their credit cards can think of them as financial instruments to be optimized. Just like investments, credit card users can hold a portfolio of credit cards that each serve a different purpose in order to maximize their returns.


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It Can Always Be Saturday Night in Your Wallet

Saturday Night Live Credit Card

The hit comedy and variety show "Saturday Night Live" turns 40 this year, and thanks to a licensing deal between MasterCard and Columbus, Ohio-based Comenity Bank, you can now own an SNL credit card that can earn exclusive rewards based on the show.

Cardholders earn on...

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Coin Delays Shipment, Implements Beta Test

Coin Shipment Delayed

Last November we brought you the story of Coin, a revolutionary new credit card product that would allow users to cut down on the number of credit cards they had to carry around with them by consolidating them on this device. Coin announced its product with much fanfare, ...

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Home Depot Bests Target with Breach

Home Depot Breach

Many corporations want to be number one, and that typically means being the largest or having the most. However, no company wants to be known for having the largest breach of credit card information. Yet Home Depot recently became known for just that, as it announced this...

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Apple Pay: The Tipping Point for Mobile Payments?

Mobile Payment Apple Pay

Last week Apple announced the release of the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6S Plus and the Apple Watch. Since this isn't a mobile phone blog, we normally wouldn't be interested in that sort of release, but these three products use a new feature called Apple Pay, which allows iPhon...

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Americans Keep Paying Their Credit Cards

Paying Credit Cards

Most Americans who have credit cards know that part of the privilege of being allowed to carry a credit card is that you agree to pay off the money you charge on it. Not doing so can get you into a world of trouble, including the potential for needing to declare bankruptc...

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Amazon Launches Card Reader

Amazon Card Reader

Although Amazon is ubiquitous with online shopping, the online retailer has decided to jump into the mobile card reader space to compete with Square and PayPal. It's recently launched Amazon Local Register, a card reader and mobile app geared toward small businesses.


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One Millennial's Quest for a Credit Card

Credit Card Quest

The Millennial generation is graduating from college, entering the workforce and taking on the responsibilities of adulthood. But what is it like for this generation to have credit cards?

Data from Experian's State of Credit report shows that Millennials have fewer ba...

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Study Shows High Rates of Debt in Collections

High Debt Rates

The recession and housing crisis of the last several years is still having an effect on millions of Americans, according to a new survey published by Urban Institute that found that over one-third of adults with credit files have a debt in collections. The areas of the co...

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Survey: Americans Confident about EMV Cards

EMV Card Survey

It's not quite like Paul Revere's ride through Massachusetts warning the Colonists the British were coming, but one can almost hear similar cries of "EMV chip cards are coming!" They may be coming, but what do American consumers think about this change? Are we ready for i...

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Visa's Becomes Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout

Last month Visa rebranded and relauched its eCommerce payment service. Now called Visa Checkout, the service still intends to simplify and make shopping online through any type of computing device as simple as it is to swipe a physical credit card at a store, while m...

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Mega-Exclusive Card Hits New York

Magnises VIP Card

Perks. Access. Special events. Many credit card companies have VIP cards that invoke exclusivity. The Visa Black Card is made of stainless steel, has a $495 annual fee and promises VIP treatment at hotels and airport lounges, luxury gifts and more. Not to be outdone, Amer...

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Sam's Club to Introduce EMV Card

New Sams Card

Sam's Club, the warehouse club division of Wal-Mart, has announced that it will introduce a new store credit card that will feature cash back rewards and EMV chip-enabled technology.

The announcement signals the end of Sam's Club's current credit card program, which is...

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Spotlight on Skimmers

Credit Card Skimmer Thief

The news this year has been full of credit card breaches--hackers breaking into a company's databases to steal thousands or millions of people's credit card and personal information that's then used or sold in some way to enable theft and other criminal activity. Target, ...

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CARD Act Celebrates Five Years

CARD Act 5 Year Anniversary

On May 22, consumer advocates celebrated the fifth anniversary of the CARD Act, the 2009 law that put reforms in place to protect American consumers from abusive credit card practices. In cheering the success of this law, some advocates also noted the need for the Consume...

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Want to Be at the World Cup? Bring Your Visa.

FIFA World Cup Brazil

Soccer fans planning to go to Brazil to take in this year's World Cup had better be sure to take their Visas--not just the visa you may need to enter the country, but your Visa card. Visa is the exclusive global financial services sponsor for the FIFA World Cup, which mea...

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Americans Shed Credit Card Debt, Cards

Shed Credit Card Debt

A recent Gallup poll indicates that Americans are toning down their love affair with credit cards. Not only are we carrying less outstanding debt on the cards we have, more of us are also paying the full balance we owe every month. Furthermore, we are also carrying fewer ...

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Xapo Introduces Debit Card for Bitcoin Currency

Xapo Debit Card

If you have bitcoins, the virtual peer-to-peer digital currency, you now have a way to use them to buy things, whether it's online or in person, thanks to bitcoin wallet provider Xapo's new bitcoin debit card.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that's been around since 2009...

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Wells Fargo Launches Two New Amex Cards

Propel Card Travel Experiences

This week Wells Fargo and American Express launched two new rewards credit cards designed to allow customers to earn rewards faster, enjoy special perks and have extra protection for shopping and travel.

"Last year, we announced our partnership with American Express as...

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Loop Credit Card Fob Enables Mobile Wallet Use

Loop Credit Card NFC Payments

We do a lot of things with our smart phones, and one thing industry experts expected by now was that more people would be using their phones to pay for purchases. Some technological advances have helped this, but one major problem has been the fact that both the user and ...

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Amex Launches New "EveryDay" Card

Amex EveryDay Card Launch

This April, American Express will launch its new Amex EveryDay Credit Card, a new rewards credit card that gives cardholders a bonus for using it.

Unlike traditional rewards cards that give you points not just based on how much money you spend using the card, but it al...

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Barclaycard Adds Features to Travel Community

Arrival Travel Community

Last summer I wrote about Barclaycard's new travel rewards card called Arrival. It's a MasterCard that lets you earn miles on purchases and apply them toward tickets on any airline. Extra perks of the card include a 10 percent mileage rebate, a subscription to TripIt Pro'...

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Target Moves on EMV Cards

Target EMV Cards

In dealing with the aftermath of the breach on its computer systems, Target has announced that it plans to speed up its planned implementation of chip-enabled smart cards, also known as EMV cards.

Target's Chief Financial Officer John Mulligan announced the company's ...

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Keep Alert for the $9.84 Scam

984 Credit Card Scam

As if the news of the Target credit card breach hasn't been enough, two other retailers -- Michael's craft stores and Neiman Marcus -- have also reported breaches in which consumer credit card data may have been stolen. On top of that, there's another credit card scam hap...

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CFPB: College Card Agreements Decline

College Agreements

In its recently released annual report on college credit cards, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) found a decline in college credit card agreements, yet the agency still sees a need for financial institutions to disclose their marketing agreements with colle...

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Don't Forget Your Cashback Bonus Savings

Cash Back Bonus Calendar

January's usually a month where people do a little fiscal belt-tightening, as the fun spending mood of the holidays ceases, the bills roll in, and you resolve to save more money in the new year. Rewards cards can help you put back a couple of extra dollars, so now may be ...

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News from Target Data Breach Keeps Getting Worse

Target Data Breach Fallout Update

The data breach that Target suffered during the 2013 holiday shopping season is apparently larger than first thought. The discount retailer had initially reported that the nearly three week-long malware attack affected 40 million credit and debit accounts. Now the discoun...

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Study: Rewards Cards May Come at a Price

Rewards Cards May Come At A Cost

Rewards cards that offer cash back, gifts, miles or other goods seem like a good deal, but they actually could end up costing you more, particularly if you carry a balance. The Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation conducted a study last year th...

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Good Strategies for Paying Off Holiday Bills

Pay Bills

Everyone's opened their holiday presents, the wrapping paper's been thrown away and you start looking forward to a new year. It always seems that the mail, which was recently full of holiday wishes and good cheer, is now full of holiday bills.

If you didn't pay cash fo...

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Does Marketing Drive Your Financial Decisions?

Financial Marketing

When you make decisions about your credit card choice, usage and payments, are you making your financial decisions based on knowledge or marketing? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently published a study that believes biased marketing may be guiding con...

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New Technologies Could Transform the Way You Pay

New Mobile Payment Technologies

You might not think twice about pulling a credit card out of your wallet to pay for something, but the concept about using some sort of card as a method of payment has been around for less than 100 years. We've come a long way from the first days of these cards, which sta...

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Slim Your Wallet with One Coin


If you've ever felt that your wallet is too fat, not because you've got a lot of cash but because you're carrying a lot of cards, now there's a new product to help you streamline your wallet. It's called Coin, a mobile app that comes with a device that looks and acts like...

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New Credit Card Supports Cancer Research

Cancer Research Credit Card

Earlier this year, cancer research initiative Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) gained a fundraising partner in MasterCard. Now MasterCard has upped its commitment to the organization, and a credit card issuer has joined in to raise money for cancer research.

Fifth Third Bank,...

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Millions Eligible for Free Credit Scores

Free Credit Score

The all important credit score, the number that determines your creditworthiness and is used to help determine how much of a loan you can get and how high your interest rates will be, used to be something you paid for. Now millions of credit card customers will be able to...

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Huntington Bank Offers Customers a Voice

Voice Rewards Card

Huntington Bank, a regional bank located in Columbus, Ohio, has expanded its credit card offerings to include a consumer card called Voice. Huntington designed the card with its customers in mind and intends to give them a voice in how they want to set up their credit car...

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MasterCard Expands Digital Wallet Services

Digital Shopping Cart

MasterCard has recently announced two developments that it hopes will further the growth of its MasterPass digital wallet service, including more retailer acceptance and adding content purchasing.

North American online fashion retailer Beyond the Rack has joined Master...

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Technology Infuses Credit Cards

For decades, credit cards have had the same look: plastic, with an account number embossed on the front and a magnetic stripe on the back. The introduction of the EMV card started changing the appearance of credit cards, adding a computer chip to the front of the card tha...

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Wells Fargo to Issue American Express Cards

Adding to their long history together Wells Fargo and American Express have added to their partnership to allow Wells Fargo & Company to issue new credit cards on American Express' network.

Wells Fargo and American Express' relationship goes back to the founding of bot...

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Capital One Debuts New Cash Rewards Card

A lot of credit card holders want their cards to work for them, so they opt for one of the many rewards cards available on the market. Capital One has made it even more difficult to choose among rewards cards with the introduction of its new Quicksilver Card that tries to...

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Credit Card Website Rankings Show Differences

Change Sciences recently published its "Credit Card Web Site User Experience" trending report that looked at 18 top credit card websites

These days, many people interact with their credit card company online. Whether it's shopping for a new card or paying a monthly bill, consumers flock to the Internet to handle many of their credit card transactional needs.

That makes it important for credit card compa...

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BillGuard Tracks Grey Charges

If you've ever looked at your credit card statement and wondered why you're getting charged fees for things you didn't intend, such as an unwanted auto-renewal or unintended subscription, you may be the victim of "grey charges," a term to describe credit or debit card cha...

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Protect Yourself from Card Fraud this Summer

With the warm summer weather comes festival and summer vacation season. While it's great to get outdoors and explore, being at a crowded event or a tourist in an unfamiliar city can make you a target for criminals and identity thieves. If you take a few minutes to prepare...

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New Barclaycard Arrival Aimed at Travelers

After an initial launch last December, Barclaycard US has expanded the availability of its Arrival World MasterCard travel rewards credit card to all U.S. customers, giving cardholders a way to earn miles for travel--even when they're redeemed.

Barclaycard Arrival card...

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A Glimpse at Platinum Rewards

Like the average American, I get a lot of credit card offers in the mail each week. Most of them I tear up without even opening, but the heavy silver envelope from American Express had me looking more closely.

"Dear Ms. Jaracz," the letter started. "Do you expect the b...

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AARP Members Can Chase New Credit Card

Chase Card Services, a division of JPMorgan Chase & Co. has partnered with AARP to offer a new rewards credit card to the organization's members. With this card, cardholders will be able to earn cash back on purchases, but they won't have to pay an annual fee.

The AAR...

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Let Your Fingers Do the Paying

In today's world where faster is better--particularly when you're at the cash register, waiting for someone to swipe their credit card, thumb through their wallet for cash, or even worse, write a check--a new start-up company has found a way to make credit card payments f...

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MasterCard Continues Evolving Mobile Wallets

Last year MasterCard launched a big push for the use of mobile wallets, a tool in which you can store your credit card information in a secure area of your cell phone or in an app that's on your cell phone to use for paying for goods at stores. At the recent Mobile World ...

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The Romantic Side of Credit

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, love and romance or flowers and chocolates might be on the brain. Even though those items are important, sitting down and taking an unromantic look at your finances and credit can help you and your partner have a deeper relatio...

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Will You Pay More for Using Your Credit Card?

Many gas stations have a policy of charging more for using a credit card versus paying with cash. The price differences are clearly marked at the pump, and consumers have the right to choose whether or not they will pay a little extra for the convenience of using plastic....

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Discover Has "It"

To start off 2013, Discover Financial Services has added a new credit card to its portfolio that it claims will change the credit card industry. The Discover it card offers rewards, Discover's vaunted customer service and a look like no other.

"We believe that consumer...

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Does Crowdsourcing Work in Credit Cards?

Last spring, Barclays introduced Barclaycard Ring, a simple credit card that's driven by crowdsourcing, a movement where its members make decisions about the card's policies. What have the masses accomplished this year with the Barclaycard Ring card?

One of the selling...

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Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group Launches Rewards Visa

Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group and U.S. Bank have teamed up to launch the Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature Card, which allows cardholders to earn a free night stay at over 1,000 participating Carlson Rezidor hotels worldwide.

"The launch of this card is a sign...

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Citi Tracks the Prices for You

Sometimes shopping for a deal can be a great thing. Say you're shopping for a new flat-screen TV, and you've spent hours doing research on different models and looking at sales flyers to get the best deal. You think you've got exactly the model you want at a great price, ...

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The Credit Card of the Future?

While credit card issuers in the U.S. are busy introducing EMV technology to Americans, MasterCard has been working on the next generation of credit cards, and it's like nothing else you've seen.

MasterCard Worldwide has collaborated with Standard Chartered Bank Singap...

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Tipping Made Easy with DipJar

You've just ordered an impossibly complicated coffee drink at your local coffee shop, but the barista remembers exactly how you like it and doesn't raise an eyebrow over your needing a two-thirds caf, one-third decaf, mocha skim latte with part soy milk, part skim milk wi...

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Credit Card Debt Rates on the Rise

Credit trends could be returning to normal, says a recent analysis of consumer-credit data, as Americans are letting their credit card debt rise, and they aren't being as diligent about making payments on time.

According to [TransUnion's quarterly report of credit card...

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The EMV Card Experience

One of the biggest developments in the U.S. credit card scene over the last year has been the introduction of the EMV chip card. This card, which is slowly coming on the market in the U.S., is prominent in many other areas of the world. But what is having a chip card like...

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Super Fan? Get a Super Credit Card

If you call yourself a football superfan, Sunday is your day. You probably watch all the games wearing your team jerseys and are managing at least one fantasy league. Even though you may show your dedication in the stadium and on the couch, you can also put your money whe...

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