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Feds Indict Five in Largest Known Credit Card Data Breach

In July the United States federal government [indicted five men in a worldwide hacking and data breach scheme](http://www.justice.gov/usao/nj/Press/files/pdffiles/2013/Drinkman,%20Vladimir%20%20et%20al.,%20Indictment.pdf)--the largest of its kind in the country--that stole over 160...

By Jill Jaracz


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Bank of America Cash Rewards Visa: Changing the Cash Back Rules

Bank of America has some new rules for the cash back game. By allowing you to choose your 3% category, BOA is bankin...

By Marcy Bialeschki


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Jasper MasterCard: A Specialty Credit Card That is Making Big Waves

Obtaining a credit card is often a difficult task for people without an established line of credit. Unfortunately, th...

By Marcy Bialeschki


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Secured Mastercard by Capital One: Get Serious About Building Credit

It’s inevitable. Tough financial situations affect everyone. What’s important is how you handle them. If you have not...

By Marcy Bialeschki


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Blue Cash Everyday Card by American Express: Quite Possibly Your New Everyday Credit Card

We all know the American Express advertisement, “Membership has its privileges.” The problem with membership is there...

By Marcy Bialeschki


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Destiny MasterCard: A Likely Option for Credit Building

Maybe you think your poor credit status or a bankruptcy crushes any hopes of getting an unsecured credit card. When h...

By Marcy Bialeschki


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American Express Cash Magnet Card: It’s Not Your Typical AmEx Credit Card

What makes the Magnet card attractive to consumers is its unlimited 1.5% cash back on all purchases. This card has...

By Marcy Bialeschki


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Discover It Student Cash Back Credit Card: A Sensible Solution for College Students

Going off to college is a rite of passage with unfamiliar surroundings, new rules, and new lessons. One of the most i...

By Marcy Bialeschki


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Horizon Gold Card: Make Sure You Know What You Are Getting

The Horizon Gold card is a membership card to an online shopping outlet; it is not a credit card. Horizon Gold's spen...

By Marcy Bialeschki


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Capital One Journey Student Credit Card: A Sensible Solution for College Students

Going off to college is life-changing with all new surroundings and experiences. It all seems scary enough without ha...

By Marcy Bialeschki


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Applied Bank Visa Gold Secured

Do you know the saying, “Too good to be true”? Applied Bank highlights attractive features such as no application fee...

By Marcy Bialeschki


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