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Capital One isn't trying to confuse us with their two different Venture rewards credit cards. With similar names, some people might not realize they are two different cards. Both have some premium amenities that cards of their caliber should possess, but when it comes to rewards, one stands out.

Looking at the chart below, potential customers can see these cards have similar basic features. There are two significant differences, however. People who want to make a large purchase can take advantage of the 0% purchase APR for 12 months offered by the VentureOne Rewards card. The VentureOne card would be a better fit for people who do not charge as much on their card or who do not pay the balance every month. However, people who spend and travel more should choose the Capital One Venture Rewards card for the higher sign-up bonus and the more significant rewards on everyday purchases.

The main difference between the Venture Rewards card the VentureOne Rewards card is the value of the rewards, or miles. People who spend more per month would fare better by getting the Capital One Venture Rewards card even though it has an annual fee after the first year. If you put $1,060 per month on your card, you would reap enough rewards at 2x the miles to absorb the annual fee and still be rewards ahead of the Capital One VentureOne card. Also, the Venture Rewards card has a more substantial sign-up bonus for new customers and Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check fees paid. Bigger spenders and more frequent travelers would fare better with the Venture Rewards card. Let's take a side-by-side look.

Capital One Venture Rewards vs. Capital One VentureOne Rewards Chart.

Safety Features and Benefits

The safety features and benefits of the Capital One VentureOne Rewards card are almost identical to other premium Capital One cards. It is an impressive lot of features, and not just geared towards travel. The best way to review these features is a descriptive list:

If you lose your card or if it's stolen, Capital One VentureOne Rewards cardholders have 24-hour travel assistance services. This service will replace your card with an emergency card or provide a cash advance.

Cardholders have a $0 fraud liability. So, if your card is stolen or lost, Capital One will not charge you for purchases you did not make.

Capital One Venture Rewards owners have access to Card-Lock in the mobile app. If your card is stolen or lost, you can lock it so no one can make fraudulent charges.

Cardholders can receive a text, a call, or an e-mail if suspicious activity is detected on their card. Card monitoring catches such activity as double charges and possible fraud.

Capital One VentureOne Rewards cardholders have access to Eno. Eno is a service that provides virtual card numbers to protect actual card numbers when ordering online or over the phone.

Card owners will also receive rental car insurance coverage for damage or theft on eligible vehicles. Pay for the rental on your card and waive the coverage offered by the rental company. People planning to use the rental car insurance benefit should carefully research the limitations and restrictions on the Capital One website.

If you use your Capital One VentureOne Rewards card to purchase your airfare, you receive automatic loss insurance for baggage and other items.

Keeping track of your credit score is made easy with this card. As a cardholder, you will receive CreditWise, a credit alert system. You’ll get alerts when your TransUnion or

Experian credit report changes. CreditWise will also scan the dark web for your SSN# and send an alert if there is a problem.

Purchase and Shopping Perks

Being a Capital One VentureOne Rewards cardholder gives you access to some remarkable premium experiences. You can pre-purchase VIP concert and sporting event tickets and gain access to 5-star invite-only dining experiences when paying with your card.

The next few perks are a shopper’s dream. First, cardholders have access to Paribus, an app that finds potential savings on card purchases. If a retail price drops, Paribus finds the savings, and Capital One puts the difference back on your card. Paribus also finds savings like late delivery fees that warrant a discount. Finally, if there is a return window for purchases, Paribus will send the cardholder a notification. Not all retailers are part of this feature, however. Current partnering merchants include popular stores such as Target, Macy's, Home Depot, GAP, and several more.

Capital One VentureOne card owners also have access to Wikibuy. Wikibuy is an online shopping tool that scans thousands of merchants to find you the best price. And finally, eligible purchases made with your Capital One VentureOne card are protected by an extended warranty that goes beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

Redeeming Rewards

Capital One makes redeeming rewards easy with Rewards Your Way. The miles you earn on purchases can be used as statement credit at the value rate of one mile = 1 cent. For travel, book your travel experience through Capital One's platform, and your available miles will be applied to the purchase. Miles can also be transferred to over 15 partnering hotels and airlines to be used in their miles program. Finally, Capital One makes Amazon shopping simple by allowing you to use your VentureOne rewards to pay for purchases directly at Amazon checkout.

Capital One VentureOne customers have one huge advantage over similar cards -- no annual fee, ever. Another perk of this card is the buying power of the 0% purchase APR for 12 months. Anyone planning on making a large purchase can enjoy no interest with a year to pay it off. The Capital One VentureOne Rewards card has all the premium features of most travel cards; however, it falls short in the rewards department. Compared to similar travel cards such as the Capital One Venture Rewards card, the sign-up bonus and reward values in this card are lacking. The VentureOne Rewards card seems perfect for people who are less frequent travelers and who spend less per month.

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