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This November, Chase Card Services' Marriott and United co-branded credit cards are working together to offer double rewards through Chase's "Double Stay, Double Go" promotion.

Chase says this is the first time it's offering this type of reciprocity between these two companies' credit cards. The two cards are reciprocating points or miles for purchases made with the card. That means that Marriott Rewards Premier cardholders will be able to earn double points on any United Airlines purchases they make, and United MileagePlus Explorer, Club and Presidential Plus cardholders will earn double miles when they make purchases at Marriott hotel properties.

"Travelers are accustomed to earning meaningful rewards with their Chase credit cards, and the combined value of United and Marriott will amplify those benefits during one of the most heavily traveled seasons of the year," said Richard Quigley, president of Chase's partner business, in a statement.

The offer is good at Marriott hotels and United flight destinations around the world. Both companies have a considerable global footprint--Marriott has over 4,300 properties in 81 countries and territories around the world. United operates about 5,000 flights daily to 362 destinations across six continents around the world. Those who hold any of the eligible cards will automatically receive the bonus points and miles--no special enrollment is required. The only stipulation is that cardholders have to make purchases with their eligible cards anytime from November 1st through the 30th.

Two Marriott Rewards Visa cards and six United Visa cards are eligible for the promotion, and the amount of rewards varies with the status of the card. The Marriott Rewards Premier and Marriott Rewards Premier Business cards both give four Marriott points per dollar spent on purchases with United.

The six United cards vary on the amount of extra rewards possible. Three cards--United Mileage Plus Explorer, United Mileage Plus Explorer Business and United Mileage Plus Presidential Plus Business--offer two miles per dollar spent on Marriott purchases. The United Mileage Plus Club and United Mileage Plus Club Business cards offer three miles per dollar spent on Marriott purchases, and the United Mileage Plus Presidential Plus card gives four miles per dollar spent on Marriott purchases.

To make sure United purchases are eligible for extra Marriott points, United Airlines must be named as the merchant in the purchase. That means that if you buy a United ticket through a discount travel website, and the purchase lists that website as the merchant, you won't get the bonus points. To earn miles on Marriott stays, United cardholders must book their stays directly through Marriott and pay or prepay for them during this November. Miles and points earned through this offer may take six to eight weeks to show up in one's account.

The double miles offer is in addition to a different reciprocity program between United and Marriott called RewardsPlus that gives premium loyalty benefits to these cardholders. When members of these loyalty programs register for RewardsPlus, they have the ability to obtain elite status in the reciprocating loyalty program and be able to convert their United miles into Marriott hotel points and vice versa.

All eight cards in the program offer a host of other benefits. Chase's Marriott cards allow cardholders to earn Marriott points on all purchases and get to higher levels of status within the Marriott loyalty program. The EMV chip-and-signature cards do not have any foreign transaction fees. Chase's line of United Airlines credit cards offer a range of travel benefits depending on the terms of each individual card. These may include priority boarding, no foreign transaction fees and access to United Club.

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