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If you have a Chase credit or debit card, you may soon have the opportunity to save serious cash with the new Chase Offers platform. Available through the Chase mobile app, Chase Offers allows select cardholders the opportunity to earn even more cash back when shopping at participating retailers.

The Chase Offers platform is available to select mobile app users and cardholders. If you’re eligible to take advantage of the new offers – which just rolled out last week – you’ll see the Offers hub at the bottom of your app’s main screen. You can then choose the available offers that interest you, all of which will earn you significantly more rewards than your card typically offers.

How It Works

If you carry an eligible Chase credit or debit card, and see Chase Offers listed on your mobile app’s main page, you can take advantage of the awesome savings. Participating stores will pop up, giving you the opportunity to “add” them to your card.

Retailers taking part in Chase Offers can offer a range of savings and rewards. For example, I added a 10% back offer from Starbucks to my card, as well as a 30% back offer from Petsmart.

If I spent $25 at each store, I would earn a total cash back bonus of $10. Add that to the rewards I’m already earning on my purchase, and the bonus is nothing to scoff at.

Redeemed bonuses from Chase Offers will be credited to you in the form of a statement credit. You don’t need to do anything special when completing your purchase from the participating retailer, either. As long as the offer is added to your card (and hasn’t expired) prior to your purchase, Chase will automatically apply the savings and credit your account.

What You Can Earn

Chase Offers are designed to be targeted, based on your individual spending habits and things like location, age, or even the type of Chase card you carry. This means that the offers I see might be different from the offers you see. If my spending habits change, the types of offers available to me might also change.

Chase Offers vary in value, as well. For instance, when I look on my mobile app right now, I see offers such as 10% back at Lowe’s and 15% back at Hyatt. However, there are also dollar-amount offers, such as $10 back when I purchase a $45 membership at Sam’s Club, or $100 when I get a new ADT security system.

While the dollar-amount offers seem to have minimum spending limitations (seen in the fine print when you click on the offer), percentage-back offers typically don’t. With percentage-based offers, you’re typically only limited to a maximum bonus cash back. So for example: the most that you can earn from redeeming a 10% Starbucks offer is $3.00, which can be spread over multiple eligible transactions. This means that you’ll continue to receive 10% back on all of your Chase coffee purchases until either the offer expires or you hit $3.00 back.

If you have a Chase credit or debit card and don’t see Chase Offers in your mobile app yet, try updating your app. If they still don’t show up, either give it a few weeks (they just rolled out and availability may be staggered) or give Chase a call.

Chase Offers is an easy way to earn even more cash back on the things you buy anyway. Offers are targeted and can be added to your account with one click. Once you buy, bonuses will be given to you in the form of an automatic statement credit.

With one-click Chase Offers, there’s nothing more you need to do to earn 5%, 10%, or even 30% back at your favorite stores!

If you have a Chase credit or debit card, you may soon have the opportunity to save serious cash with the new Chase Offers platform.

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