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The hit comedy and variety show "Saturday Night Live" turns 40 this year, and thanks to a licensing deal between MasterCard and Columbus, Ohio-based Comenity Bank, you can now own an SNL credit card that can earn exclusive rewards based on the show.

Cardholders earn one point per dollar whenever they use the card, but they earn more on entertainment purchases, which are purchases made under that category of merchant that MasterCard calls "entertainment." Sunday through Friday, those purchases are worth double the points, but on Saturday, they're worth four times the points. Cardholders can use these points toward access to exclusive content, merchandise and tickets. The points can also be used to earn SNL memorabilia, gift cards and travel. The card's online rewards catalog was not functioning at the time of writing this article.

According to the terms of the agreement, cardholders only earn points on net purchases of goods or services, which means you don't earn points on items that are returned or refunded, or if you receive any credit adjustments. If you do have returns, refunds, or credit adjustments, those points earned will be deducted from your account. That makes it possible to have a negative balance on your account, and you won't be able to redeem points until you have a positive balance once again. Cardholders also cannot earn points on a variety of other transactions including purchasing money orders, travelers checks or foreign currency; making balance transfers; using convenience checks; taking out cash advances; unauthorized or fraudulent charges; finance charges; and various fees.

You have no restrictions on the number of points they can earn per billing period or year, but points expire 36 months after they're earned and can no longer be redeemed. However, when redeeming points, the ones you earn first are the ones that are first redeemed.

Terms of the card vary by your creditworthiness. The APR for purchases on both the World MasterCard and MasterCard version of the card is calculated in three tiers, with Tier 3 calculated at 13.99%, Tier 2 at 19.99%, and Tier 1 at 24.99%. This tier designation is assigned when you open your account and varies based on the Prime Rate. The balance transfer rate is a variable 26.99%. There is no annual fee for the card. Transaction fees include a balance transfer fee, a cash advance fee, a fee for convenience checks and a foreign transaction fee. Penalty fees for late or returned payments can be up to $35.

Comenity also offers Account Assure Pro benefits for an additional fee. These protections are only available for the primary cardholder on the account and don't use events that happen to a family member or spouse to help determine when this benefit kicks in.

Another benefit the card offers is the option to get a MasterCard SecureCode, which is a private code connected to your MasterCard that you use while shopping online. When buying something at an online store that participates in the program, you can use this code instead of your actual credit card number to keep your identity from being compromised.

As a special promotional offer, Comenity is offering an exclusive SNL leather wallet if you spend $500 or more on the card within the first 180 days after opening the account.

You can apply for the card online through a three-step process that's made secure with Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. Note that all information provided in your application is not just sent to the bank, but it can also be shared with and kept by "Saturday Night Live."

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