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If you are a frequent traveler and can commit to seeking Hyatt hotels on your adventures, the World of Hyatt Visa might be your go-to hotel credit card. World of Hyatt Visa has some seriously generous rewards redeemable at Hyatt hotels for free nights or room upgrades. Let’s take a closer look at why the World of Hyatt Visa card by Chase Bank was named the #1 Hotel Card in a 2020 WalletHub review.

With the World of Hyatt Visa, cardholders can earn 25,000 bonus points after spending $3000 in the first three months. But that's not all. Card owners will receive an additional 25,000 bonus points if they spend $6000 in the first six months. Those are some impressive sign-up incentives. But achieving the 50,000 bonus points might not be possible for people who do not make this their regular-use card. This situation should not be a problem if you don't mind redeeming all if your rewards for free stays and room upgrades. The World of Hyatt Visa is not the right card for people who prefer to use their rewards for statement credit or gift cards.

The World of Hyatt Visa currently has an additional incentive for new customers until June 30, 2020. New card owners will receive 10 (not 5) qualifying night credits toward tier status and five more every year after. This perk deserves a little more explanation. Let's discuss the Tier Status offered with the World of Hyatt Visa card.

The World of Hyatt Visa has status tiers, each increasing the value and perks customers receive. By simply having the card, Discoverist status is achieved, affording you late 2 pm checkout and preferred room options at no extra cost. Customers reach the next tier levels by collecting "elite qualifying nights." The current offer through June 30 doubles the elite qualifying nights you receive in your sign-up bonus.

The top tier, Globalist, is challenging to achieve at 60 elite qualifying nights. However, a re-vamping of the system now rewards card owners for reaching spending limits and for keeping the card year to year. Customers can earn qualifying nights in several ways. First, every night you spend in a Hyatt hotel is one elite-qualifying night. Additionally, every time you spend $5000 on your card, you earn two elite qualifying nights. Here is a simplified breakdown of the rewards attached to the tier system: 1 qualifying night for each night spent in a Hyatt hotel

10 elite qualifying nights for signing up before June 30.

5 elite qualifying nights every year you own the card

2 elite qualifying nights for every $5000 spent

6 elite qualifying nights for $15,000 spent in a year

Explorist and Globalist status provides some impressive perks. Although Globalist status is difficult to reach, it is possible. The following is a list of some of the many benefits Globalist customers can enjoy:

Club/Lounge Access

Free Breakfast

Category 1-4 free stay

Category 1-7 free stay which is at one of Hyatt’s premium hotels or resorts, an incredible value

30% bonus points on eligible charges

Milestone bonuses: 40 nights earns 65,000 points and the choice of one of the following: 5000 points, a $100 Hyatt gift card, or 10,000 points on a luxury experience

Late checkout at 4 pm

Guest of Honor is a unique option where people can transfer points to others as gifts so they can have a premium experience.

The World of Hyatt Visa also has a generous rewards program. The Hyatt Gold Passport Rewards Program allows customers to earn points for free stays. Hyatt hotels have categories that rate their luxury levels. Category 1-4 hotels have basic amenities, and you can purchase a free night with a little as 5000 points. If you prefer more luxurious accommodations, a Category 8 hotel will cost around 40,000 points per night. Cardholders can always combine points with cash if they do not have enough points for the hotel of their choice. Points can also be transferred to airline miles or used for dining or spa services, but their value will diminish drastically. The Hyatt Gold Passport Reward Program is exclusively designed for use with Hyatt properties.

The potential 50,000 points for new card members is extremely valuable and a worthy target for anyone getting this credit card. Points can also be earned for purchases as follows:

9 points per $1 spent with Hyatt, including participating restaurants and Exhale locations

5 Base points per eligible dollar spent

4 Bonus points per eligible dollar spent

2x the points on transit purchases including but not limited to the following: taxis, mass transit, tolls, and ride-shares

2x the points at restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops

2x the points on airline tickets purchased directly from the airline

2x the points for gym and fitness club memberships

1x the points on all other purchases

The Hyatt Gold Passport Rewards Program also has a couple of ways to earn free nights at a Category 1-4 Hyatt hotel:

Each year you own your World of Hyatt Visa, you will receive a free night stay.

A free night can be purchased with a little as 5000 points.

Charge $15,000 in a year to your World of Hyatt Visa for one free night

As a hotel or travel card, the World of Hyatt Visa has many of the same amenities as other travel cards offered by Chase Bank, including but not limited to, the following:

Baggage delay insurance

Lost luggage reimbursement

Trip interruption or cancellation insurance

No foreign transaction fee

The World of Hyatt Visa has a $95 annual fee, which is off-set by the free stay earned every year. Getting accepted requires good credit with a credit score somewhere in the 690+ range. The purchase APR is 15.99% - 22.99% variable. Cash advances will cost a hefty $10 or 5%, whichever is greater, and the cash advance APR is 24.99% variable. Like all credit cards issued by Chase Bank, the World of Hyatt Visa is subject to the 5/24 rule. In other words, you will not be approved if you have opened five or more credit cards in the past twenty-four months.

The World of Hyatt Visa is a top-rated hotel card aimed at travelers who stay exclusively at Hyatt hotels. The tier status feature encourages spending at Hyatt properties. In return, customers are rewarded with loads of amenities and free stays. The Gold Passport Rewards Program provides ample opportunities for cardholders to earn points. These points should be redeemed for free stays to receive maximum value. The outrageously generous sign-up bonus is beyond tempting. However, this card is for people who can achieve the high spending amounts to earn the rewards. This means the World of Hyatt Visa will most likely be their primary spending card. This also means all of their rewards will be used for Hyatt free stays and upgrades. Avid personal and business travelers who prefer Hyatt hotels are definitely the target group that should consider getting this credit card.

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